Connect your accounting / inventory system using Stock2Shop and benefit from a host of features.
Stock2Shop supports several inventory systems, such as Sage One Accounting, Sage Pastel Partner and Sage Pastel Evolution.

Automate Data Syncing

Feature Magento Shopify B2B Store Parcel Ninja Aramex
Inventory Management
Sync inventory quantities - -
Sync price lists - -
Sync attribute information - -
Sync images - -
Create orders - -
Create order for specific customer - -
Create order for generic customer - -
Create order as invoice - -
Create order as sales order - -
Order Fulfillment
Create order fulfillment - - -
Perform stock take in warehouse - - -
Query order fulfillment - - -

Business to business ordering

Stock2Shop's B2B shopping cart is the perfect solution for wholesale and distribution.
Your customers and sales reps can view stock levels and place orders directly into your inventory system from this mobile friendly portal.

3rd Party Retailers

Automate data syncing with any of our supported 3rd party retailers, such as Kalahri.com, Yuppie Chef and Take-A-Lot.
Automate the process of updating stock levels and specific pricing for each partner.

Integrate into existing applications

Stock 2 Shop has a REST API that your developers can easily use to integrate your accounting system with your other applications. This means you are not locked into using our pre-built channels to integrate, you can build your own.
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