Sage Pastel Evolution Integration

Pastel Evolution

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Let your eCommerce stores know your stock levels and pricing directly from your Sage Pastel Evolution. Stock2Shop will update your eCommerce store with pricing and stock levels near real time. When online orders are placed they can be raised as sales orders or invoices directly in Pastel Evolution. If we do not currently support your eCommerce platform let us know.


B2B store

Allow your distributers, wholesalers and retailers to order online. Each of your customers can be linked to the appropriate Sage Pastel Evolution customer account. Alternatively, all orders can be placed into a single account. The Business to business trade store is mobile friendly and is a awesome tool for sales reps to use especially when on the road, find out more here.

3rd Party Retailers

If you sell your products on any of our partner 3rd party retail sites, you can automatically update stock levels and pricing directly from Sage Pastel Evolution to these retailers.


Order fulfillment

Dispatch orders from Pastel Evolution to one of our supported order fulfillment services. This means orders can be automatically sent to the fulfillment service, avoiding duplicate order entry.


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