WooCommerce Integration


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Integrate your WooCommerce site to your accounting system and your fulfillment services easily with Stock2Shop.


Products from your accounting system, inventory system or even your warehouse can be be synced to Woo.
This means stock levels, pricing and any product attribute information you like, can be sent through to your site automatically.

Stock2Shop supports creating simple products on Woo or variable products with multiple simple product children.
Or, you can simply update certain product fields such as price and qty on your existing WooCommerce products if you prefer to manage the creation of products on your Woo site.


When orders are placed on your e-commerce store, the order data is automatically sent to your accounting or inventory system where a sales order or invoice can be generated on the fly. This reduces data capture and ensures that only items that are in stock are ordered.

Rules can be created for the invoicing process. One example would be to create a rule that only allows orders that are paid to be turned into invoices.


Once an order is paid and invoiced, Stock2Shop can send this order data to your fulfillment service so that the fulfillment service can deliver the order.

Stock2Shop can integrate WooCommerce with:

Sage Pastel Partner woocommerce   Pastel Evolution WooCommerce   Sage One WooCommerce   Parcelninja WooCommerce