Magento Solutions

We design, develop & deploy Magento websites on our enterprise ready architecture, without the enterprise costs.

Magento Design & Development

A template based approach

The design and development of our Magento websites is based off an existing Magento theme that is well supported, and has been “tried and tested” on thousands of sites globally. A large development team was used to build & test the template. The reason for this is simple, cost… Recreating a theme from scratch would mean the development costs would go up dramatically. We do not see the benefit in doing this, since the end result would more than likely be similar. The money you would spend on this redevelopment would be better off spent on marketing. This allows us to focus our development time on the important “functional” elements of your site, such as inventory management, payment gateways, shipping and more. We have tested numerous modules with our theme that are specific to the South African eCommerce market. Below are some modules that have been tested and can be included:
  • Payfast, PayU, MyGate, Peach Payments, VCS payment gateways
  • ParcelNinja fulfillment
  • Blog, daily deals, category search, home pages sliders and others…
Does this mean my site will look like everyone else’s? No, not at all. The theme we use has many different styles and layouts. This means there are numerous ways we can change the site from a design perspective. We ensure the end result is professional and fits your brand. When is this solution not going to work for my business? If you want to build a Magento theme from scratch. When is this solution right for my business? If you want an enterprise ready, functional Magento website at a good price.

Existing Customers

Some of our happy customers


Amazon Web Services

Our hosting is based off the Amazon EC2 infrastructure. The development and deployment approach we use is tightly integrated with the Amazon architecture. Our scripts, procedures and code deployment methodologies have been designed with Amazon in mind. The benefits of this are:
  • Low costs
  • Enterprise ready
  • Highly scalable
  • Rapid deployment and scalability
  • Platform Magento tested

Admin & Maintenance

In order for us to ensure uptime and offer a service level agreement, we need to ensure that the website access is limited. Server security is taken seriously. We do give you access to the Magento admin “backend” but remove the ability to install 3rd party code. This does not mean you cannot request us to install any 3rd party module. Without this protocol in place, there is a chance code can be installed on the production site that will cause it to break. Our job is to ensure that modules are tested thoroughly on our development environment before they are pushed to production, ensuring the production servers uptime. All your source code is managed under strict version control. It is for these reasons we do not give direct access to the source code. The ownership of the source code and database vests in you, we just ensure that the code is maintained and managed correctly. Updates and security patches are installed on your server and are part of the maintenance plan. Contact us to find out more