Case Study: Calasca

Calasca supplies a wide variety of high quality products to the wholesale and retail markets. Their range includes homeware, kitchenware, kids & toys, outdoor, pet, luggage/travel, solar, beauty and baby.

The Challenge

In addition to syncing Calasca’s product data from their ERP with their retail e-commerce website, we were required to provide an efficient and user-friendly route to market for their wholesale business.

The Goals

  • Sync product data to retail e-commerce website (B2C)
  • Capture online retail orders directly into ERP
  • Send product data feeds directly into retailers’ e-commerce websites
  • Streamline workflow

The Solutions

With Stock2Shop’s cloud-based console, Calasca could prepare their product information in one place for easy distribution to multiple online sales channels. Once the items had synced onto Stock2Shop from the ERP, they could be enriched with images, long descriptions and other marketing information until they were ready for market. Calasca could then send updates to their own retail Magento website, and any approved online retailers wishing to pull a feed could also receive product data at various price tiers. In short, Stock2Shop helped Calasca create a repository of ready-to-go products which could be sent to various online channels with ease.

Capture online retail orders directly into ERP

  • Once orders placed on the Calasca retail website reach a PAID status, they are automatically raised into a designated account in their ERP.

Open data feeds directly into retailers’ e-commerce websites

  • Calasca can send selected products to an online reseller’s website.
  • They can also decide on which price list to assign to each reseller, and from which warehouses the website receives stock levels.

Streamline workflow

  • If a product’s information changes (eg title or long description), Calasca need only make an adjustment in one place and it will sync to multiple sales channels, including:
    • their Magento website ( B2C).
    • B2B ordering platform for sales reps to use.
    • 3rd party reseller websites wanting to drop ship their products.
  • With Stock2Shop, Calasca can now share real time inventory data with drop shippers, automatically and near real time.
  • We set up default price and warehouse information for each sales channel, so that they’re always fully informed about what stock is available.
  • We created custom rules to assign certain products to different sales channels.
  • Orders from these sales channels can be automatically raised as sales orders in Calasca’s ERP.

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