Case Study: Virgin Active

Virgin Active is a global chain of health clubs and gyms, with over 270 clubs in 10 countries.

The Company

  • Industry: Health Club / Gym
  • Supply chain: Retailer
  • Founded: Early 1980s
  • Website:

The Challenge

Virgin Active has a members portal linked to their website – a way for members to log in and see their private details. They needed to create a custom website (linked to this portal) to sell exclusive Virgin Active apparel directly to members and staff – with an automated fulfillment service solution.

The Goals

  • Custom build a Magento e-commerce website linked to the customer portal
  • Design workflow for new e-commerce website
  • Integrate with fulfillment service

The Solutions

Stock2Shop worked with Virgin Active to create a straightforward, efficient e-commerce website that worked seamlessly from first click to order delivery. Here’s how we did it:

Custom build an e-commerce website linked to the customer portal

  • Virgin Active wanted an e-commerce website with a specific function: to sell exclusive Virgin Active apparel directly to members and staff. The website is accessed via the members portal, and was initially created to sell Cape Epic cycling gear, but has since expanded to other sports apparel.
  • We used a well-designed Magento template to build an exclusive e-commerce website, saving money on customisation costs which can be used for marketing.
  • The whole process was efficient and speedy, with a quick turnaround time.

Design workflow for new e-commerce website

  • We worked with Virgin Active to guide them along the process of how this new website would work, and develop the most efficient workflow with them.
  • We designed, built and developed the Magento website from scratch to be as streamlined as possible.
  • Stock2Shop integrated with Magento and Parcelninja (the fulfillment service) to create an entirely automated workflow: from the first click of the order being placed to delivery.

Integrate with fulfillment service

  • An essential part of the workflow integration was with the fulfillment service. Stock2Shop integrated with Parcelninja so that the whole process is seamless.
  • A member places an order, Virgin Active is notified of the order, it is automatically pushed to Stock2Shop and fulfilled by Parcelninja, the fulfillment service. Simple, straightforward, effective.

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