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B2B E-commerce Integration

If you’re a distributor or manufacturer, you can improve efficiency and increase revenue by giving your customers direct access to order your products online. Our secure B2B trade store, integrated with your ERP or accounting system, makes it simple. We can even build a custom Magento e-commerce website to suit your unique e-commerce needs. Many of the world’s biggest brands trust Magento to power their e-commerce engines, because it’s powerful, stable and open source. We’ll help you open your B2B trade store quickly and efficiently.

How it works:

Stock2Shop links your ERP or accounting system – Sage One Accounting, Sage Pastel Partner, Sage Evolution, Sage Business Cloud Financials (formerly Sage Live), SAP Business One, iSync or SYSPRO – to your B2B trade store.

When product details, pricing or inventory levels change in your ERP or accounting system, they are automatically changed on your B2B trade store.

When orders are placed on your B2B trade store, Stock2Shop raises the order in your ERP or accounting system, linked to the appropriate customer account.

It is that simple.


Save time

  • No need to keep separate price lists up-to-date. Simply give your customers access to your B2B trade store.
  • No need to field customer calls enquiring about availability and pricing of your products. Simply give them a login to your B2B trade store to see this data in real time.

Keep customers in the loop

  • Customers can view their previous orders and check the status of existing orders on the B2B trade store.
  • You can promote products and services on the B2B trade store homepage – directly to your customers.

Eliminate errors

  • Traditionally, trade customers placed orders via email, fax or phone. Staff had to capture the order into your accounting system manually, which increased the risk of human error.
  • When customers order directly off the B2B trade store, you reduce the possibility of data capturing errors – especially when the orders are large and consist of hundreds of line items.

Increase revenue

  • Once you’ve integrated with Stock2Shop, you can send your products to other e-commerce websites: Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.
  • Manage your products in one place (your ERP or accounting system) while Stock2Shop takes care of the online distribution for you.

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