1. Introduction
  2. Creating a private app


The steps below will guide you in creating a private application in Shopify. Stock2Shop requires all these settings to be configured prior to configuration. For technical information about the Shopify API visit this page.

Creating a private app

Login to your Shopify store backend and navigate to select Apps > Manage Private Apps. Once you have navigated to Manage Private Apps, click Create a new private app.

Fill in the App details section as shown in the image below. Set all permissions to the highest possible, Read and Write being the highest or Read access if Read and write is not available on the individual dropdown.

Once you have completed filling out all the details and setting permission, be sure to save the app. A pop-up modal will appear asking to confirm you understand. Click I understand, Create the app. You will be directed to a page that will display the API key and API Password.

Send the API Key and API Password to your Stock2Shop Sale Representative who will capture these.

Any questions? Email and we will happily help.