Stock2Shop is an efficient way to integrate your ERP or accounting system and your sales channels seamlessly. Our e-commerce integration automates your data syncing so you can spend time doing what you do best: growing your business.

You control everything from your ERP or accounting system. How you choose to run it is up to you. From quote to invoice to receipt, you’re in control. It’s business as usual, just better.

System Integration

With Stock2Shop you can:

Sync inventory

Manage your inventory from your ERP or accounting system, and let Stock2Shop automatically update your e-commerce websites (B2B and B2C).

  • Sync your data, near real time: inventory quantities, price lists, attribute information and images. Constantly keep your data current and updated.
  • Decide which data fields get synced and which don’t. Tailor the updates to suit your business.
  • Assign custom pricing for different customers.
  • Send different data to different sales channels, seamlessly.
  • Decide which products go into each sales channel, and choose a price list for each sales channel.
  • Sell out of one or many warehouses.
  • Reduce the risk of human error or delays.
Automatically sync inventory
Automate Orders

Automate orders

Complete the ordering process with ease. Raise orders into your ERP or accounting system automatically:

  • Into specific customer accounts.
  • Into cash customer accounts.
  • As a custom document type (sales order, invoice, quote).
  • With custom workflows suited to your ordering needs.
  • Save time and improve efficiency in your daily workflow.

Fulfill orders

Fulfill orders quickly and easily.

  • Create order fulfillment automatically.
  • Fulfill the order depending on its status (e.g. paid).
  • Customise order fulfillments according to your workflow requirements.
  • Have a totally automated solution: from placing an online order to delivery.
  • Ensure satisfied customers, happy to get their orders fulfilled accurately and quickly.

Product data management

Our simple-to-use online console lets you manage product data with ease.

  • Simply categorise and describe your data.
  • Bulk update your data, to save time and effort.
  • Make your data marketable and ready to sell on e-commerce websites.
  • Import and export your data easily. Data has never been this easy to manage.
Product data management

Simplify business-to-business ordering

Our B2B trade store is the perfect solution for wholesale and distribution.

  • Suitable for customers and sales reps – save time by letting select customers and reps order directly.
  • Syncs with your ERP or accounting system, so you control everything from one central place.
  • Assign custom pricing, specific price lists or specific / multiple warehouses.
  • Manage your data simply: inventory updated near real time. Export inventory data with ease.
  • Simple user management.
  • Mobile-friendly platform.
  • Built to suit your needs: easy to customize.
Simplify b2b ordering
Integrate multiple marketplaces

Integrate multiple marketplaces

Make selling on a number of marketplaces, with custom pricing, seamless.

  • Allow independent websites and online retailers to read inventory automatically. Reduce admin time and the risk of human error.
  • Automate data syncing with any of our supported marketplaces. Make your business more efficient.
  • Assign custom pricing for the same unit in different marketplaces: tailor your offering.
  • Automate the process of updating stock levels and specific pricing.
  • Easily list and manage all your products and keep track of inventory in one place: your ERP or accounting system.

Develop your own integrated applications

Our API lets you integrate your own applications, quickly and efficiently.

  • Easily integrate your ERP or accounting system with your custom application.
  • Well defined and documented REST API for developers.
  • Allow applications to read product data and more, directly off our API.
Develop your own integrated applications