This glossary includes definitions of some commonly used e-commerce integration terms. Think of it as a modern day e-commerce dictionary!


Business-to-business: when the products or services of a business are marketed to another business, not to consumers. Examples include advertising agencies and office furniture manufacturers. Wholesale and distribution are often part of a B2B relationship.


Business-to-consumer: when the products or services of a business are marketed to end consumers, the people who will buy or use the product or service. Examples including online clothing stores or music subscription services. B2C appeals directly to the consumer, and there may be an element of emotion included in the purchase.

Drop shipping

A popular way to expand your sales channels online is to share inventory or product data with other online retailers – both marketplaces and white label websites. Drop shipping may be part of the deal.

  • Drop shipping is a fulfillment model where one company sells a product and another company stocks and ships it.
  • If you’re a distributor, we can help you automate to existing retailers who may want to drop ship your products. The retailer lists your products and lets you know once there’s an order: you then ship the product directly from your warehouse to your customer.
  • If you’re a retailer, you may have suppliers who want to partner with you as a drop shipper. We can help you increase your product offering by automating the drop shipping process. No need to buy a large amount of inventory, you can simply list your supplier’s products and then, once that product is ordered, the supplier fulfills it.
  • The most important thing when drop shipping is speedy, consistent delivery.
  • You can’t drop ship without automation – it is absolutely crucial.
  • Stock2Shop makes the transfer of data between distributors and retailers seamless, so that you can quickly and easily fulfill each new order.

E-commerce website

Your e-commerce website can be your online shop, your B2B trade store, or a combination of both.


Order fulfillment services are third party companies that receive, process and deliver orders to consumers. They hold your stock, and once you sell an item they pick, pack and deliver it on your behalf.


Marketplaces are e-commerce marketplaces or 3rd party retailers like or eBay.

Sales channels

Sales channels are the various channels you use to sell your products, including your e-commerce website, B2B trade store and marketplaces.