B2B trade store

Our B2B trade store is as unique as you want it to be. Set it up to match your brand, and use it in the way that works best for you.

Three ways our B2B trade store makes business easier:

  1. Some of our clients don’t sell to the public. They use Stock2Shop to develop sophisticated customer portals: views of what products are available, and at what cost. Variable pricing means each customer can see a different view of your store.
  2. It’s a simple way to automate large orders and remove the possibility of human error.
  3. It’s also a private portal for your key clients. Give your customers and sales reps access to your products via a custom-built B2B website and let them order directly, straight from their mobile.

Syncs with your ERP or accounting system

You can link the B2B trade store to your ERP or accounting system: Sage Accounting (formerly Sage One), Sage Pastel Partner, Sage Pastel Evolution, SYSPRO, iSync or SAP. Carry on managing your inventory, while we sync customer accounts, inventory levels and pricing to your B2B trade store. No need to change the way you do business: it’s business as usual, just better. Find out more about our integrations:

Custom pricing

Set up custom price lists and inventory: show each customer the pricing they get and define what products are listed on your B2B trade store. This gives you the flexibility to support all players in the supply chain. Seamlessly.

Customers assigned to specific or multiple warehouses

Choose which stock in which warehouses your customers see – either one specific warehouse per customer, or multiple warehouses. Whatever works for your business.

Sales and ordering tool

Sales reps can login as their clients, with up-to-date product, pricing and stock level information for that particular client. The orders reflect seamlessly into your ERP or accounting system, so nothing gets lost along the way. Save time and avoid mistakes.

Inventory data export

No need to deal with emails and phone calls from your customers or sales reps asking for up-to-date information on inventory. Simply give them access to the B2B trade store and they can export the inventory data and product price lists into a spreadsheet. Free up your time to focus on running your business.

Simple user management

Giving a customer or sales rep access to the B2B trade store is easy to do. Revoking user access is just as simple. You’re in charge.

Easy to customize

Customize your B2B trade store dashboard to suit your brand. Promote services or products to your customers or sales reps. Build your brand – and your revenue.


Built to be mobile-first, our B2B trade store is designed so that users on a mobile or tablet can view your product pricing, descriptions and images with ease. Let them order directly, straight from their mobile. Less admin, more sales.

Built to suit your needs

If our B2B trade store is not customised to suit your needs, we can always build you a totally custom Magento B2B store. Contact us to discuss the specifics of what you need from a B2B store.