Sage Accounting (formerly Sage One)

Sage Accounting

Here’s how Sage Accounting (formerly Sage One) works with your applications to dramatically improve your workflow.

E-commerce websites

Shopify     Magento     woocommerce

Find out more about Sage Accounting integrations:

Once you’ve integrated Sage Accounting and your e-commerce website, you can:

  • Sync inventory data

    Syncing inventory data is simple once you’ve integrated with Stock2Shop.
  • Enrich data

    There are several workflows for enriching product data so it is ready to sell. These workflows depend on your requirements.
  • Customise product workflow

    Once you’ve enriched your data, you can decide exactly how to set up your product workflow.
  • Simplify ordering

    There are a number of choices you can make to customise the ordering process so it suits your workflow perfectly.
  • Streamline ordering

    The ordering process is simple once you’ve integrated Sage Accounting with Stock2Shop.
  • Automate order fulfillment

    Dispatch orders from Sage Accounting to one of our supported fulfillment services.
  • Customise notifications

    Once you’ve integrated Sage Accounting with Stock2Shop, you’ll be able to customise notifications.
  • Streamline workflow

    Integrating Sage Accounting makes your workflow simple and more effective.
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