Our Takealot marketplace integration is the only automation of its kind, giving you the ability to manage your products’ price, recommended retail price, lead time and stock availability all from your ERP/accounting system. This ensures you’ll never miss out on sales opportunities or sell a product at the incorrect price.

How the Takealot marketplace Integration works:

We use the Takealot offers api to automatically update your offers on the Takealot marketplace directly from your ERP/accounting system. Once your products have been created on the Takealot marketplace, there is no need to manage the selling (offer) price and other key information manually. Any changes made to these fields on your ERP/accounting system will update the products on your Takealot marketplace. It’s a simple way to automate product updates directly from your ERP.

What you can do with the Takealot marketplace integration:

  • Update your offer price
  • Update your recommended retail price
  • Set product lead times which determine how long you take to deliver your products to Takealot
  • Set the quantity available for for sale on the Takealot marketplace

Sync with your ERP or accounting system

All you need to do is ensure that the product information on your ERP/accounting system is accurate, and Stock2Shop will sync your stock levels and pricing to the Takealot marketplace automatically. There’s no need to change the way you operate; it’s business as usual, just better.

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