Update product offers on the Takealot marketplace directly from your SAP Business One system. Stock2Shop’s simple integration will streamline your operation by reducing duplicate data capture, and ensuring your product information on Takealot is up to date.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do:

Sync data

You’ll be able to sync inventory data and pricing with ease once you’ve integrated with Stock2Shop.

  • Sync your product information from SAP to your Takealot marketplace. This includes the price, recommended retail price, lead time and stock availability, and can be updated near real time.
  • Once you’ve configured products correctly on SAP (we can help), price lists and stock levels from SAP can be “mapped” to price, recommended retail price and delivery lead time for each of your Takealot marketplace offers.
  • With user defined fields and multiple price lists, your SAP Business One is the brain of your business. Stock2Shop’s integration enables you to sync necessary data to the Takealot marketplace without the risk of human error.


Your product workflow is easy to customise, once you’ve enriched your data.

  • You can limit the quantity of products you send to your Takealot marketplace products (e.g. maximum 50 units per product), and create rules to decide which products are updated.
  • You can update price, recommended retail price, lead time and stock availability to your Takealot marketplace offers.