Why Use Us?

Save time and labour by syncing inventory data with existing applications & send orders to your accounts.

Automatically sync inventory from your accounting / ERP system

  • Sync your data hourly or daily.
  • Connect to many applications, see here.
  • Send specific inventory data to different applications and vice versa.
  • Define rules such as which warehouse stock comes from.
  • Sync multiple price lists.
  • Sync multiple warehouses.

Push orders from various sales channels to your accounting system

  • Orders are pushed real time.
  • We support many accounting systems, see here.
  • Define custom workflows before creating invoices.
  • Process orders into specific customer accounts or into a general customer account.

Manage product data

  • Bulk product data updating.
  • Product import and export.

Automate large orders with our B2B trade store

Save time and avoid mistakes when capturing orders manually by allowing your customers and sales reps to use the B2B trade store, find out more here.

Open up new sales channels online and increase revenue

Send inventory data to our partner retailers so they can sell your products for you.

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