It’s business as usual, just better
Work smarter, not harder. See your online business flourish as you run your inventory control, order management and shipping right from your existing accounting system.

How It Works

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Sync Products

From your existing accounting system to online sales channels. Keep stock levels & pricing in sync & avoid over selling.

Sync Orders

From your online sales channels back to your accounting system. No more double entry, less admin and no mistakes.

Fulfill Orders

From online sales channels to fulfillment services. Ensure fast & efficient distribution.

B2B Ordering

Via our mobile friendly business-to-business platform. Perfect for reps on the road & existing customers.

erp integration

It’s business as usual, just better

We give your existing businesses systems an extra boost so you can open up online shops without changing how you currently work. You carry on using your accounting system, we do the heavy lifting. Take your existing Sage One, Pastel Partner, Pastel Evolution, Syspro , iSync or SAP system online by integrating into Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce and B2BStore. Simply does it.

Because Stock2Shop syncs your online orders to your existing accounting system, and makes sure that your inventory levels are automatically updated, you’ll never sell something you can’t deliver. And your customers won’t be disappointed.

Do less. Sell more

With Stock2Shop you automate tasks so you can sell as efficiently as possible. No more manual order entries, or tatty sheets of paper – just clean, reliable information about what’s where. Instantly. Because online orders are automatically added to your accounting system, you have no need for double-capture, and less possibility for human error.

Sell everywhere. Painlessly

Stock2Shop keeps all your channels synchronised. The stock levels in your physical stores, online stores, business-to-business portals and third-party marketplaces are all aligned because they are all managed from the same single source: your accounting system.

Trade store:

portals for your key customers

Some of our customers don’t sell to the public. They use Stock2Shop to develop sophisticated customer-portals so that their customers always know what products are available, and at what cost. Sometimes some customers get better rates than others. With Stock2Shop that’s not a problem – variable pricing for the same unit in different marketplaces is a snap. And if a customer uses their portal to order, then the orders reflect seamlessly into your accounting system, so nothing gets lost along the way.

ecommerce integration

System Integration

Link your ERP to your eCommerce

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