About Stock2Shop

Who we are, what we have done and where we are going.

Company History

Go Media (Copper Eagle Trading 565 CC) was established in 2001.
For the past decade and a half Go Media has been developing software solutions for clients in South Africa and abroad.

In 2014, Go Media began development of the Stock2Shop application, based on a need for a robust inventory management solution in the growing online retail and B2B space.
In late 2014, Nightsbridge invested in Stock2Shop. Nightsbridge is Africa’s largest real-time availability engine for accommodation.
Nightsbridge brings a wealth of knowledge and operational experience at an executive level to Stock2Shop. Their software solution is a similar product just in a different vertical.

Since the completion of the Stock2Shop platform, we have grown from strength to strength. Many of SA’s leading online ecommerce and B2B platforms are now using our inventory control solution.

Road Map

We continue to focus on improving our software and increasing the number of systems we integrate into. Our team of developers are continually upgrading and tweaking the platform, for the benefit of all our customers.