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eCommerce Shopping Carts

Sync Inventory

The Stock2Shop Syspro integration syncs inventory data, price lists and any other product data from Syspro to your Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify eCommerce shopping cart, in near real time. This means you’ll keep your sales channels aligned to Syspro, so you’ll never sell something you can’t deliver and your customers won’t be disappointed.

The Stock2Shop Syspro integration enables you to take product management a step further as any product field defined in Syspro can be mapped to any product field in your eCommerce cart. You then have the flexibility to decide what product data you want Syspro to manage and what you want your eCommerce store to manage.

Sync Orders and Customers

When orders are placed in your shopping cart they can be automatically sent to Syspro and raised as invoices, sales orders or even quotes. No more manual labor or wasting time by double capturing information. You decide when invoices, sales orders or quotes get created, for example, only after an order is paid on your shopping cart. The orders can be raised into a specific account or into a global customer account inside of Syspro and Stock2Shop can email customers the invoice or quote.

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Shopify     Magento     woocommerce

B2B Store

Allow your distributers, wholesalers and retailers to order online through the ready to use Stock2Shop ordering platform that easily integrates with Syspro. Each one of your customers can be linked to the appropriate Syspro customer account, meaning they see specific products at the price you assign to them.
The business to business trade store is mobile friendly and is a great tool, not only for your customers to order from but for your sales reps to use, especially when on the road,find out more here

3rd Party Retailers

If you sell your products on any of our partner 3rd party retail sites, you can automatically update stock levels and pricing directly from Syspro to these retailers.

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Order Fulfillment

Dispatch orders from Syspro to one of our supported order fulfillment services. This means orders can be automatically sent to the fulfillment service, you’ll save important time by avoiding duplicate order entry.

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