B2B Shopping Cart

Give your customers and sales reps access to your products via our online B2B trading portal.
This means your sales reps and customers can raise orders directly into your accounting system, no matter their location.

Your customers and sales reps will have up-to-date pricing and stock level information at their finger tips!

Syncs with Sage Pastel:

You can link the B2B portal to your Sage Pastel system.
Carry on managing your inventory in Sage Pastel, while Stock2Shop handles syncing customer accounts, inventory levels and pricing to your B2B portal.

No need to change the way you do business, carry on running your business as normal!

Custom Price Lists and Inventory:

You can define what products are listed on the B2B store and their displayed price for each of your customers.

This gives you the flexibility to support all players in the supply chain.

Export Inventory Data:

You no longer need to deal with emails and phone calls from your customers or sales reps requesting up-to-date information on inventory. Simply give them access to the B2B trade store and they can export the inventory data into a spread sheet format.

Simple User Management:

Giving a user access to the B2B portal is easy to do. Revoking user access is just as simple.

Mobile Friendly:

The platform is Mobile friendly, users on a mobile device or tablet can view your product pricing, descriptions and images on their device with a user interface that is specifically designed for mobile phones and tablets.

Bulk Orders:

Our B2B user interface has been designed specifically to allow customers wishing to order many items in one order.

Promote Yourself:

The B2B website has a Dashboard that you can customize.
This offers the perfect space to promote services or products that you want your customers to know about.

Summary of Features:

  • Show only the products you want to sell.
  • Custom pricing per store.
  • Users can export product price list in a spread sheet.
  • Manage user access easily.
  • Mobile and tablet friendly.
  • Designed for bulk orders.
  • Customize welcome page, categories and tags.