Case Study: Falke

Falke is a leading international sock manufacturer, with both fashion and sport ranges for men and women.

The Challenge

Falke needed an e-commerce website to function as an online retail store as well as a B2B ordering platform. They also needed to sync their data with their ERP (SYSPRO) and their various sales channels, and manage their inventory better. Stock2Shop provided a simple, efficient solution.

The Goals

  • Custom build a consumer-facing e-commerce website
  • Activate a B2B ordering platform for sales reps and customers.
  • Sync data
  • Manage orders

The Solutions

Stock2Shop worked with Falke to set up an effective online presence, streamline their current workflow, and run their inventory control and order management from their existing ERP. Here’s how we did it.

Custom build a consumer-facing e-commerce website

  • Falke wanted a professional looking B2C website with their distinctive brand look and feel. We custom built them a fully integrated Magento e-commerce website that we host and run.
  • We used a well-designed template to build their e-commerce website. This saved them a huge amount of money on customisation costs, which can be better spent on marketing.
  • The whole process was simple, straightforward and speedy, with a quick turnaround time.
  • The initial inventory management was seamless: all the product data and images were synced from SYSPRO with ease. Stock2Shop set up the data in SYSPRO so that products are automatically synced to their categories going forward.
  • To save time, images are added directly on the Stock2Shop console with our automatic bulk image upload feature.
  • The site – – acts as both a B2C e-commerce website and a B2B ordering platform for their trade customers: one central place for Falke’s online presence.

Sync Data

  • Stock2Shop integrated with SYSPRO so that Falke can now manage their inventory from SYSPRO, while Stock2Shop automatically syncs their data.
  • Different price lists are sent from SYSPRO to the Magento e-commerce website (B2C) and the B2B ordering platform.
  • We set up a rule to allow Falke to decide which products should sync to the different sales channels. These are updated near real time to ensure up-to-date stock information.

Manage orders

  • Order management is simple thanks to a streamlined workflow. Order information is sent directly to SYSPRO.
  • Retail orders are sent to a default account in SYSPRO. B2B (wholesale) orders are sent to a specific customer account.
  • Once orders have been received, invoices are sent directly to clients.
  • Falke can then pick, pack and distribute the order.
  • There’s no need for manual input, no juggling of order forms, just one streamlined e-commerce solution.

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