An Integrated Online Sales Tool, Purpose-Built for Wholesale

Your accounting software contains vital product data such as pricing and stock levels. Present this information to your wholesale customers with our B2B Trade Store, enabling them to place orders directly into their account with just a few clicks.

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An Integrated Online Sales Tool, Purpose-Built for Wholesale
Inventory & Pricing

Inventory and Pricing

Assign your customers to any of the price lists in your accounting system, and allocate them to different warehouses if required. This means that Peter might see better pricing to Paul when he logs in, and possibly different stock availability too. And when a product is sold out, you can allow customers to continue buying it on back order.

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Enhanced Checkout

Tailor your checkout cart to suit your business needs, including how the shipping rate is calculated and customer information is captured. And when it comes time to confirm the order, customers can pay on account or pay upfront using a supported credit card gateway.

Apply a flat shipping rate to all orders or calculate a shipping rate for each order based on the amount spent.

Create programmatic rules that trigger automatic responses. For example, a mandatory checkbox could pop up when a certain product is added to the cart.

Add custom forms like text boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes or date fields to capture important customer information at checkout.

Give customers the option to place orders on account or pay upfront by credit card.

Orders & Fulfillment Orders & Fulfillment

Orders and Fulfillment

Your ERP will decide whether an order is valid or not. If the customer is in good standing, the order will be raised successfully and Stock2Shop can then fire an outbound fulfillment to your warehousing solution to pick, pack and deliver.

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Design & Navigation

Design and Navigation

Your dashboard is where you get to present your logo and other brand-related messaging, while your product menu provides a place to segment your items to make them easy to find. Customers can filter the product listing by category, brand or any attribute you require in order to narrow their search. They can also use the powerful elastic search or Quick Order functions if they prefer.

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Customer Account Information

Customer Account Information

Decide what customer information is displayed on your B2B Trade Store. Tell your technician during setup which fields on your ERP you’d like to sync, and these will become visible to the customer.

Your customers might find it useful to view the following:

Credit limit

Current balance

Name of their sales rep

Last 5 orders

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