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Operation Connector Error
fulfillments parcelninja 400 Bad Request - Incorrect Postal Code
fulfillments parcelninja You are unauthorized to access this resource
orders sage-50cloud-pastel-partner Pervasive ODBC Client Interface LNA Pervasive ODBC Engine Interface Data Record Manager
orders woocommerce Undefined variable: variant
orders Could not connect to host
orders Duplicate line items are not allowed
orders sage-200-evolution Exception: Number Required for Key Source_variant_code, Param Is Str
orders magento-1 Undefined Property StdClass Increment Id
orders omni-accounts Failed to establish a new connection
orders sap-business-one The specified resource name cannot be found in the image file
orders b2b-trade-store Sync_order Trying to Get Property of Non Object
orders omni-accounts Invalid username or password
orders sage-50cloud-pastel-partner KeyError
orders syspro line_item_error: Freight Product class not found
orders sage-business-cloud-accounting No Default Customer Code Given or Source Customer Code and Not Allowed to Create Customer
orders sage-50cloud-pastel-partner SDK Type mismatch (String Data, Boolean& AdditionalCostInvoice)
orders sage-200-evolution add_order: exit status 1073741502
orders b2b-trade-store Order Amount Does Not Match Payment Amount
orders Apifact Proxy CURL Error: 52, Empty reply from server
products magento-1 Please enter a number 0 or greater in the "price" field in the "group_price:[#]" set. Resource data pre-validation error
products shopify Qty Field Is Not an Integer
products No product found to update in channel
products shopify Invalid Product
products woocommerce Syntax error malformed JSON
products magento-1 Field Map Transform Error
products shopify Trying to get property of non-object
products woocommerce Undefined property
products woocommerce Failed to create variant
products woocommerce Consumer secret is invalid.'woocommerce_api_authentication_error'
products woocommerce Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to {WooCommerce domain}
products magento-2 URL key for specified store already exists
products woocommerce No product found with the ID equal to [ID] 'woocommerce_api_no_product_found'