Invalid Product

Shopify - Invalid Product


The Invalid Product error occurs when Stock2Shop is trying to affect a Shopify product that is broken. It may occur on any instruction, ie add_product | add_variant | add_image | update_product | update_variant

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The product on Shopify is broken and cannot be updated. When Stock2Shop tries to run an instruction on the product, it blocks the queue with the Invalid Product error.

How to confirm the product is invalid

  • Click on the 3 dots of the queue error > view product.
  • Copy the SKU that is blocking the queue.
  • Open your Shopify backend and search for the copied SKU to confirm it exists.
  • Make a small change to the product in Shopify and click Save.

If the product saves, please let Stock2Shop support know that this is the case and provide them with logins to the site for them to investigate further. If the product does not save and displays an error, follow the below to resolve the error.

How to resolve an invalid product

  • Delete the product from Shopify.
  • If your workflow is to first create the product on Shopify, then create the product again (If Stock2Shop creates the products for you then skip this step).
  • Open the Stock2Shop console and click on the 3 dots of the queue error > View Product.
  • Open the CHANNELS tab of the product.
  • Click the REMOVE ALL button on the channel affected and confirm on the popup.
  • Open the GENERAL tab and click Save.
  • Open the VARIANTS tab and click Save on each variant.
  • Return to the queue and click on the 3 dots of the queue error > Skip.

The product will be added to the back of the queue to be created / updated.

Note, If there were already updates in the queue for that product, they may fail. You should skip those product updates until the new “add” queue item is issued for the product.