Here’s all you need to know about orders on Stock2Shop.

In the below documentation we will be covering:

What are orders?

An order in Stock2Shop is a representation of items purchased online on a supported B2B and/or B2C ecommecre platform. Orders contain information about:

  • The items purchased (SKU / title / price / quantity)
  • The customer details
  • The customer’s billing and shipping details
  • The shipping method
  • The payment method

How Stock2Shop processes orders

Once a customer has placed an order on your sales channel (B2B and/or B2C ecommerce platform), the relevant order information is sent to your Stock2Shop console. The mechanism that sends the information (order payload) is called a webhook, and it must be set up on the ecommerce platform.

Each time the order information changes on the sales channel, the webhook will send updates to Stock2Shop. The most common update received is the change of the order status from “payment pending” to “payment received”.

Once the order is in your Stock2Shop console and recognised as valid, we can proceed with raising an order document in your source (ERP / accounting system). You can decide what should constitute a valid order, e.g. the order should have a “paid” status for before raising an order document in the source.

Order types

Stock2Shop works with two order types, namely B2B (wholesale) orders and B2C (retail) orders.

In the case of B2B orders, customers are usually vetted by the company before doing business. They have typically been given an account with credit and payment terms that are managed on the source (ERP / Accounting system). The source therefore determines whether an order is valid or not.

In the case of B2C orders, the customer is not known to you prior to placing their purchase, so they are usually required to make payment on the sales channel (e.g. website) before the order is processed to the source. The sales channel therefore determines whether an order is valid or not.

Order states

An order state describes where a particular order is in the ordering process. As Stock2Shop receives the initial order payload and subsequent updates from the sales channel, the states will change.

Below are a list of order states in Stock2Shop:

  • Processing: The order is received from the sales channel.
  • Ordered: The order has been paid / accepted and processed to the source.
  • Back Order: The items on the order are on back order.
  • Cancelled: The order has been cancelled.
  • Completed: The order has been closed off.
  • Shipping: The order has been shipped.