iSync is a comprehensive ERP and PLM software solution with an API for seamless integration.

In order for Stock2Shop to facilitate integration with iSync to ecommerce sales channels and fulfilment services (e.g. Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, the B2B Trade store, Parcelninja and Takealot Marketplace), we need access to your iSync.

In the below documentation we will be covering:

Connecting to Stock2Shop

In order for Stock2Shop to connect with iSync, Stock2Shop requires the following credentials:

  • iSync username/email
  • iSync password

Syncing Products to Stock2Shop

Stock2Shop can sync products, product relationships (parent-child) and categorisation from iSync to your Stock2Shop console. This product information can then be distributed to one or multiple supported B2B and/or B2C ecommerce sales channels.

To understand more about the concept of products in Stock2Shop, read here.

Syncing customers to Stock2Shop

We currently do not support the syncing of customers from iSync to Stock2Shop, and there are no plans to build this functionality.

If customers are a requirement, please read up on how to import customers manually in to your client console here.

Raising orders to iSync

Stock2Shop can sync orders to iSync using the order payload received from your sales channel(s).

To understand more about the concept of orders in Stock2Shop, read here.