Integrate SYSPRO with supported online sales channels.

Product / Customer Syncing



Data retrieval method

Stock2Shop will either push or pull product and customer data from your ERP / accounting system at regular intervals. This will depend on the nature of your database.




Create orders in your ERP / accounting system

Decide whether or not you want Stock2Shop to create orders in your ERP / accounting system.

Define order currency

Set the order currency when syncing orders to SYSPRO.

Raise order in a specific company

Determine which SYSPRO company should receive the orders if you are running multiple SYSPRO companies.

Set default tax code

Set the default tax code used for line items that require tax.

Set default tax exempt code

Define the default tax code used for line items that are exempt from tax.

Set sales rep on the order

Set a sales rep on each order being created in SYSPRO.

Set shipping line item

Let Stock2Shop link the shipping line item on your sales channel orders to the shipping line item on your ERP / accounting system.

Set SYSPRO order type

Order types are used to classify sales orders based on the type of sale. You can set this directly on Stock2Shop so when orders are synced to SYSPRO, the order type is displayed.

Set warehouse for sync orders

Determine the warehouse to which orders should allocated.

Specify the order code in ERP / accounting system

Create the document in the ERP / accounting system, giving it the same code as the channel order number.

Sync orders to a default account

Create orders under a default customer (account) in your ERP / accounting system. This is considered best practice for retail businesses.

Use customer address in ERP / accounting system

Let your ERP / accounting system set the address details on the order instead of the sales channel.