Installing Stock2Shop agent for on-premises ERPs

An integration with an ERP / accounting system that is locally hosted (either on a server that is situated at your premises or on a cloud-based server) will require our software to be installed.

Before we can communicate with your on-premise ERP / Accounting system, you need to install our S2S agent on the server where your ERP / Accounting system is hosted. Below are the steps to get started with downloading and installing the S2S agent:

  • Stock2Shop will provide you with a username and password.
  • In your browser navigate to “” or click here.
  • Click on “Stock2Shop Installer” to download the Apifact installer tool.
  • Once downloaded right click on stock2shop_installer.exe and run as administrator.
  • Add in your username and password and click install.
  • Confirm with Stock2Shop once this process has been completed successfully.

The below must be taken into consideration to ensure we can manage information on a continual basis:

  • Outgoing port 8080 should be open.
  • The server must always be online.
  • The user must have full admin rights.


Stock2Shop Agent is a lightweight client designed to facilitate the synchronization of modified data for integration purposes, encompassing functions such as polling, auditing, and ensuring secure data transmission. While the optimal scenario involves installation on the server housing the database, we recognize that organizational policies may necessitate alternative approaches to uphold security standards.

Deployment on an Application Server

The S2S agent can be installed on an application server within the same network as the SQL server. This configuration enables seamless communication with the database while mitigating performance concerns by running the client on a distinct machine. Our agent requires Read Only access to the database.

Restricting SQL User Access

Regardless of the deployment location, SQL user access can be tailored to adhere to specific security requirements. By confining access to designated databases or tables, and enforcing read-only permissions with SELECT operations exclusively. Additionally the agent can be restricted to specific sql views or tables.

Provision of a Duplicate Database

Establishing a duplicate database(Replica) offers an alternative solution, providing a cloned environment for integration with the S2S agent which can then be off premise.