Parcelninja is a third party logistics (3PL) service that will handle the warehousing and fulfillment of your ecommerce products.

Stock2Shop can integrate your supported B2B and/or B2C ecommerce sales channels with Parcelninja using their feature-rich API or plugin. This will ensure that your ecommerce platforms show accurate stock levels that exist in the warehouse, and orders placed by your customers will trigger automatic fulfillment by Parcelninja.

In the below documentation we will be covering:

Connecting to Stock2Shop

In order for Stock2Shop to connect and communicate with a Parcelninja, Stock2Shop requires the following:

  • Parcelninja API enabled
  • Parcelninja API username
  • Parcelninja API password

To enable the Parcelninja API:

  • In Parcelninja, navigate to User Management.
  • Scroll down to API Keys > Add Key.
  • Set the description to “Stock2Shop”.
  • Select (tick) all the roles, except for View Virtual, Update Virtual and Delete Virtual.
  • Click Add Key.
  • Copy the API username and password, and send them to Stock2Shop.

Syncing products

Stock2Shop can sync SKU, qty, title, weight and dimensions from Parcelninja to Stock2Shop. This information can then be distributed to various sales channels.

To understand more about the concept of products in Stock2Shop, read here.

Raising fulfillments

Once an online order has been validated, either by your ecommerce sales channel (in the case of retail) or by your ERP / accounting system (in the case of wholesale), Stock2Shop can send an automatic fulfillment request to Parcelninja. When an order goes out for delivery, Parcelninja will return a fulfillment notification which can be used to update the status of the order in various sales channels.

To understand more about the concept of fulfillments and the fulfillments process in Stock2Shop, read here.