Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics NAV with supported online sales channels.

Product / Customer Syncing



Data retrieval method

Stock2Shop will either push or pull product and customer data from your ERP / accounting system at regular intervals. This will depend on the nature of your database.




Create orders in your ERP / accounting system

Decide whether or not you want Stock2Shop to create orders in your ERP / accounting system.

Set shipping line item

Let Stock2Shop link the shipping line item on your sales channel orders to the shipping line item on your ERP / accounting system.

Specify the order code in ERP / accounting system

Create the document in the ERP / accounting system, giving it the same code as the channel order number.

Sync orders to a default account

Create orders under a default customer (account) in your ERP / accounting system. This is considered best practice for retail businesses.

Use customer address in ERP / accounting system

Let your ERP / accounting system set the address details on the order instead of the sales channel.