Success Stories

You’re in good company. Many top importers, wholesalers and distributors trust us to integrate their online businesses into their existing ERP and accounting systems. The result? More time. Less headache. More revenue. Here are a few of our clients, telling their success stories. Here’s how they streamlined their workflow, simplified their ordering processes and increased their revenue by integrating with Stock2Shop.

Leading global companies use Stock2Shop
omnico logo


Omnico had a common challenge: how to integrate SYSPRO into multiple sales channels. Our solution? A Magento B2B and B2C e-commerce website integrated with Stock2Shop. We worked closely with Omnico to create the perfect solution to suit their needs. Read more!

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alcd logo

AL & CD Ashley

AL & CD Ashley needed to integrate their Sage Pastel Partner ERP with Shopify. We created a Magento e-commerce website (B2B and B2C) to do just that. Here's the full story of how Stock2Shop worked with AL & CD Ashley to tailor the perfect solution for their business.

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Falke logo


Falke needed a website that would cover both their B2C e-commerce needs and their B2B ordering platform. The solution? A Magento website integrated with SYSPRO. Stock2Shop worked with them to create the perfect solution for their specific needs. Read more!

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silveray logo


Silveray Stationery Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bidvest Group Limited, is a manufacturer and distributor of leading stationery brands. They service a wide range of markets such as schools, homes and corporates in South Africa and beyond.

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calasca logo


Calasca supplies a wide variety of high-quality products to the wholesale and retail markets. Their range includes homeware, kitchenware, kids & toys, outdoor, pet, luggage/travel, solar, beauty and baby.

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Diesel-Electric logo


The most powerful organisation in South Africa’s Automotive aftermarket industry

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Hair Health & Beauty logo

Hair Health & Beauty

Hair Health & Beauty is the premier supplier to the hair and beauty industry.

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Headwear24 logo


Headwear24 is the largest headwear manufacturer in Africa, with factories both in South Africa and China.

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Salon Only logo

Salon Only

Southern Africa’s leading importers and distributors of children’s toys

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virgin active logo

Virgin Active

Virgin Active wanted a specific e-commerce website linked to their members portal. Stock2Shop worked with them to create a tailormade solution. What was it? A Magento website, integrated with Parcelninja for a seamless workflow. Read more!

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WeFix logo


WeFix has been fixing Apple and Samsung devices for almost a decade.

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pj marketing logo

PJ Marketing

PJ Marketing is an importer and wholesaler of quality kitchenware to the retail and hospitality industries. Read how Stock2Shop helped with integration.

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