Case Study: WeFix

WeFix has been nurturing Apple and Samsung devices back to life for almost a decade. Bring your ailing device in for repair, or browse their website for a new or pre-loved replacement.

The challenge

WeFix sells new and used products in a variety of physical outlets, as well as on their Shopify website and on the Takealot Marketplace.

The goals

  • Sync stock levels from Dolfin to both online sales channels
  • Sync price updates to Shopify and Takealot
  • Sync orders from each online sales channel into a default debtors account

The solutions

Stock2Shop ensures that the pricing and stock availability on the WeFix online sales channels are accurate. When a product is sold on one channel, the order is synced to Dolfin and the stock adjustment is communicated to the other channel within a few minutes.

Sync products

  • Price changes effected on Dolfin are sent to each Shopify and Takealot Marketplace.
  • Stock adjustments in Dolfin are communicated to the online sales channels in near-real time.

Streamline data management

  • Stock2Shop helped set up a template to capture their data.
  • Stock2Shop made it easy for WeFix to set up product categories and manage product descriptions.
  • WeFix can use filters on Stock2Shop to see which products are missing specific product information.

Sync orders

  • Order information is sent to Dolfin as sale documents.
  • Orders are only sent to Dolfin if the status on Shopify is “paid”.

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