Case Study: Silveray

Silveray Stationery Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bidvest Group Limited, is a manufacturer and distributor of leading stationery brands. Their range of diverse products services a wide range of markets such as schools, homes and corporates in South Africa and beyond via national sales and distribution network supported by regional hubs in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town as well as a sales branch in Bloemfontein. These hubs cover all regions and regional centres across the country and beyond our borders into Africa.

The challenge

Silveray was looking for a way to consolidate their various databases to reflect their product offering on a centralised B2B Trade Store. It was important that each customer that logged in saw the correct pricing, including any discount structures that might apply. In addition, their orders should be raised into their ERP Customer Account and allocated to the correct location.

The goals

  • Sync inventory, showing stock levels for each product by location
  • Sync wholesale customer data, including contract pricing structures
  • Provide streamlined product search
  • Sync wholesale orders into each customer’s dedicated account on ERP
  • Open a product data feed to a retail ecommerce website
  • Sync retail online orders into a dedicated cash account on ERP

The solutions

Silveray sells out of four different companies. We helped consolidate their data on the Stock2Shop console to enable them to sell from one B2B platform. A feed was set up to send product data from the Silveray ERP to their Stock2Shop console. They could then enrich these products with information such as images and long descriptions, before presenting them for sale on two channels:

  • A B2B Trade Store servicing wholesale customers
  • A retail ecommerce website

When a customer logs into the B2B Trade Store, they are automatically shown product data that pertains to the company that they buy from. SYSPRO is a flexible system with a hierarchy of discounts that can be configured to your needs. Silveray’s customers each have a specific discount setting, and this is mirrored on the B2B Trade Store. When a customer logs in they will see the correct pricing and stock levels available to them. When a wholesale customer places an order, it is raised directly into their account on the relevant company.

Sync products

  • Silveray can now manage their inventory and pricing from SYSPRO, while Stock2Shop automatically updates their B2B Trade Store and ecommerce website in near real-time.
  • We integrated all their product data: multiple price lists (and contract pricing), inventory levels by warehouse, alternative products and more.
  • All the SYSPRO data, together with images and long descriptions that were added to the Stock2Shop console, is synced to the two sales channels.

Sync customers

  • Together with the product data, Stock2Shop synced the equally important customer data onto the console. This enabled customers and sales reps to automatically access products and pricing linked to their account.

Product segmentation for efficient search Various fields are syncing from the ERP to Stock2Shop as product attributes. These attributes are being used in different ways on each sales channel to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

The Stock2Shop B2B Trade Store has a useful tool called “layered navigation” where customers can filter by product attributes such as brand or category to narrow their search. In addition to layered navigation, B2B customers can make use of the following tools:

  • Search bar – This elastic search function is likely to bring up the desired product even if the search key is slightly misspelt.
  • Quick Order – Entering an SKU code or part of a product title will populate an easy-to-navigate list with the desired product, as well as all related products. Customers can then add what they want to their cart with just a few clicks.

For WooCommerce, the product attributes on Stock2Shop are concatenated into a structure that is compatible with the ecommerce system and then synced to the website. The products are then presented in a series of categories and subcategories that are controlled by the ERP.

Sync customer Orders

  • When a wholesale customer places an order on the B2B Trade Store, Stock2Shop will attempt to raise it into their dedicated account on SYSPRO. If the customer is in good standing, the order will raise successfully as a sales order. If not, it will fail, and Stock2Shop will notify the accounts department at Silveray.
  • When a retail customer makes a purchase on the ecommerce website, it is raised as an invoice into a cash account on SYSPRO upon reaching a paid status.

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