WooCommerce is a self hosted ecommerce software solution with an API for seamless integration.

In order for Stock2Shop to facilitate integration with WooCommerce to supported ERP / accounting systems and/or third party logistic (3PL) services, we need access to the WooCommerce API.

In the below documentation we will be covering:

Connecting to Stock2Shop

In order for Stock2Shop to connect with WooCommerce, we require the following:

  • WooCommerce 2.4+
  • WordPress 4.1+
  • WooCommerce Legacy API is enabled
  • Set of REST API keys created
  • Pretty permalinks is enabled (This you can find under Settings > Permalinks – make sure the “Post name” option is selected under “Common Settings”)
  • Valid SSL certificate (your site needs to run on HTTPS)
  • Website domain
  • WooCommerce “order update” webhook is enabled (WP REST API Integration v3)

For steps on how to set up the WooCommerce Legacy API v3 and creating a set of REST API keys, read here. If you run into difficulties, a Stock2Shop technician can assist with creating the API Keys.

For steps on enabling the WooCommerce webhook, read here.

Syncing products

Stock2Shop can sync SKU, title, description, short description, stock, weight, dimensions, an image, product relationships (parent-child), categorisation and price from your Stock2Shop console to WooCommerce.

To understand more about the concept of products in Stock2Shop, read here.

Raising orders

In order for Stock2Shop to receive orders from WooCommerce, the “orders update” webhook needs to be enabled. A Stock2Shop technician will take you through the steps of adding the URL to the webhook that has been created in WooCommerce. Once the webhook has been setup and configured, Stock2Shop will start to receive orders from WooCommerce as they are being placed.

To understand more about the concept of orders and the order process in Stock2Shop, read here.

Raising fulfillments

Orders that have been synced from WooCommerce to your source (ERP / accounting system) successfully can trigger a fulfillment request to your 3PL service.

To understand more about the concept of fulfillments and the fulfillments process in Stock2Shop, read here.