Stock2Shop can notify supported third party (3PL) service providers to automatically fulfill orders that are placed on your ecommerce sales channels.

In the below documentation we will be covering:

What are fulfillments?

A fulfillment is the part of the logistics process that refers to the delivery of an order to the customer. Once an order is received from your online sales channel (e.g. ecommerce website), Stock2Shop is able to send a fulfillment instruction to a supported 3PL service to physically pick, pack and deliver the items to the customer.

How Stock2Shop processes fulfillments

In order to process fulfillments, it is a requirement that you have already have a supported 3PL service set up on Stock2Shop. As soon as orders have been received from your sales channel and successfully raised into your ERP / accounting system, Stock2Shop will send off a notification to your 3PL to fulfill the order.

All the order information required for fulfillment will be sent through by Stock2Shop, including:

  • The items purchased (SKU / title / price / quantity)
  • The customer details
  • The delivery address
  • Shipping method
  • Any special delivery instructions

Fulfillment states

A fulfillment state describes where a particular order is in the fulfillment process.

Below is a list of fulfillment states in Stock2Shop:

  • Pending: The fulfillment has been created but no yet assigned to a courier for delivery.
  • Open: The fulfillment has been assigned to a courier for delivery.
  • Cancelled: The fulfillment has been cancelled.
  • Complete: The fulfillment has been successfully completed / delivered.