Integrate Xero with supported online sales channels.

Product / Customer Syncing



Data retrieval method

Stock2Shop will pull product data from Xero at hourly intervals which can be set on a schedule. All product fields from Xero will be synced to Stock2Shop including Code, Name, Sell Price, and Description. In order to sync a product, Track inventory must be checked as well as Sell.




Create new customers

Let Stock2Shop create new customer accounts in Xero when they place their first order. The customer account will be created using the information provided in the order from the sales channel.

Set default shipping code

Let Stock2Shop link the shipping line item on your sales channel orders to the shipping line item on Xero.

Set quote terms

Stock2Shop can generate terms when syncing quotes to Xero. Terms are limited to 40 characters.

Set quote validation days

If you are syncing quotes from Stock2Shop to Xero, you can set the number of days a quote is valid for.

Set the default order status

Set the default order status to Draft, Submitted or Authorised when syncing orders to Xero.

Set the order document type

Let Stock2Shop set the order document type to either Quote or invoice when syncing orders to Xero.

Sync orders to a default account

Create orders under a default customer (account) in Xero. This is considered best practice for retail businesses.