Flat file

Integrate your flat file data source with supported online sales channels.

Product / Customer Syncing



Data retrieval method

Stock2Shop will pull product data from your flat file data source once a day, or at hourly intervals which can be set on a schedule.

Enable product image sync to Stock2Shop

Enable the syncing of product images from your flat file data source to Stock2Shop. The following formats are accepted: jpg, jpeg or png.

Map product fields

Map the product fields in your flat file data source to product fields in Stock2Shop when syncing products.

Remove flat file from FTP server

You may have a scenario where a new file is dropped off every day in your FTP location. Once Stock2Shop has processed the flat file, we can remove it to ensure that it is not processed again.

Set communication method with the data source

This refers to the method in which files are transferred between computers over a network. Stock2Shop accepts FTP, SFTP and URL transfer protocols.

Set how product data is separated

Files can be separated using many delimiter types. Generally data is separated by a comma or a semicolon.

Set the column headers

This allows you to define your columns headers, otherwise the first row of the CSV will be considered your column headers.

Set the flat file format

Stock2Shop can sync product data from files that have either a CSV or XML format.

Set the path to data file

The file we are trying to access may be nested in your FTP server. You can define the path to your file.

Sync products from URL

If Stock2Shop is required to access your data via a service such as Google Sheets, you can specify the download URL. The sheet must be publicly accessible.




Create orders at specified location

Allow Stock2Shop to create orders at a specified FTP/SFTP location upon receiving them from your sales channel.

Order sending method

Determine whether orders must be sent via FTP or SFTP protocol.

Set the order location

When Stock2Shop creates orders, we can drop them off at a specified location on your FTP Server.