Here’s all you need to know about users on Stock2Shop.

In the below documentation we will be covering:

What is a user?

A user (or console user) is someone that has access to the Stock2Shop console and can perform certain actions. Clients have the ability to add users and set specific user roles with varying degrees of access. Some users require the ability to make administrative changes while others only need to be able to read specific information. This is useful when users with full administrative access (e.g. managers) want to restrict other employees (e.g. sales reps) from seeing sensitive information.

To add and edit users on the console, please read here.


An Administrator user has access to all settings and functionality of the Stock2Shop console, including the configuration of the source and channel. The administrator user should be a person who has received full training from a Stock2Shop technician. They should also be a trusted, senior member of the organisation, as they will be able to make changes to product data such as pricing, stock quantity and important attributes that are used for your live website.

The Administrator user has the ability to do the following:

  • Access all settings and functionality on the console
  • View / add / import customers
  • View / export / fetch orders
  • View / add / import / export products
  • Import product images
  • View / clear the queue

Read only

A Read Only user role is for someone who should not be able to make any changes on the Stock2Shop console, but needs to review product data or orders. This user role does however have access to the B2B customer admin login, and would therefore be perfectly suited to sales reps who order on behalf of their customers. (Only applicable to S2S trade store.)

The Read Only user has the ability to do the following:

  • Gain basic access to the console
  • View the dashboard
  • View the customers
  • View orders
  • View products
  • Place orders on behalf of B2B Trade Store customers

Product editor

A Product Editor user is someone who is able to enrich existing products, while being restricted from other fields like stock quantity and price. This means they can add or change data related to describing or categorising products, i.e. Title; Long Description; Collection; Images and Attributes (Attributes can be used for a range of specific data used to categorize or enrich the product).

Product editor (attributes only)

The Product Editor (Attributes Only) user has access to the same functionality as a Product Editor user, except they don’t have the ability to edit images or attribute templates.

Customer read only

A Customer Read Only user is restricted to being able to view customers and login on behalf of B2B Trade Store customers for the purpose of placing orders. This user role is suited to sales reps and can be used in conjunction with user segments to further limit which customers each user can view.