Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based financial management and accounting software solution. This application is hosted in the cloud, which means that Stock2Shop can sync with it relatively easily.

In order for Stock2Shop to facilitate integration with Sage Intacct to ecommerce sales channels and fulfillment services (e.g. Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, the B2B Trade store, Parcelninja and Takealot Marketplace), we need access to Sage Intacct via the API.

In the below documentation we will be covering:

Creating a web services user

The following instructions can be followed to set up a restricted web service user.

1. Create role with required permissions

  • Go to Company > Admin tab > Users, roles, and groups, then click “Roles”.
  • Enter a unique name for the role - e.g. Stock2Shop Integration
  • Click “Save” in the top right of the page to create the role, and continue to the next step of specifying permissions for the role
  • Click “Permissions” next to each section requiring access and check the required permissions as per the below:
    • Accounts Receivable > Customers: View & Add
    • Company > Contacts: View & Add
    • Inventory > Items: View only
    • Order Entry > Order Entry Transactions: View & Add
  • Click “Save” in the top right of the window to save the selected permissions and then click save again to complete the setup of the role

2. Create a Web Service User

  • Go to Company > Admin tab > Users, roles, and groups, then click “Web Services users”.
  • Click the “Add” button on the top right
  • Under the “User information” tab, fill out the details:
    • User ID
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Email Address
    • Username
    • User type (business)
    • Admin privileges (off)
  • Under the “Roles information” tab, select the role that was created in the previous step
  • Click “Save” in the top right of the page to create the user

Note, an email will be sent with the password to the email address that was entered in the “User information” section.

3. Authorize Sender ID

  • Go to Company > Setup tab > Configuration > Company > Security tab, then click “Edit”
  • Scroll down to “Web Services authorizations” and click the “Add” button
  • Enter the “Sender ID” you want to authorize and click “Save” and then click “Save” again on the “Company Information” page

Connecting to Stock2Shop

In order for Stock2Shop to connect with Sage Intacct, Stock2Shop requires the following credentials:

  • Sage Intacct Company ID
  • Sage Intacct User ID
  • Sage Intacct User Password
  • Sage Sender ID (provided by Stock2Shop)
  • Sage Sender Password (provided by Stock2Shop)
  • Default Warehouse ID or Order Location ID (If Stock2Shop is to create orders in Sage Intacct)

Syncing products to Stock2Shop

By default, the following item (product) information is synced from Sage Intacct to Stock2Shop:

  • ItemID
  • WebEnabled
  • WebName
  • BasePrice
  • IonHand (InventoryOnHand)
  • inventory_management (set to true)

This product information can then be furthe enriched and distributed to one or multiple supported B2B and or B2C ecommerce sales channels. Should you require additional item (product) information to be synced from Sage Intacct to Stock2Shop, you can make use of the product map. You can learn more about the product map here.

To understand more about the concept of products in Stock2Shop, read here.

Syncing customers to Stock2Shop

We currently do not support the syncing of customers from Sage Intacct to Stock2Shop. As soon as this feature is available, we will update this documentation.

If customers are a requirement, please read up on how to import customers manually in to your client console, here.

Syncing orders to Sage Intacct

Stock2Shop can sync sales orders, quotes and invoices to Sage Intacct, using the order payload received from your sales channel(s). Additionally, stock2Shop can create Customers and Contacts in Sage Intacct, using the customer payload received from your sales channel(s).

To understand more about the concept of orders in Stock2Shop, read here.