Integrate Parcelninja's third party logistics (3PL) service with supported ERP / accounting systems and sales channels for a more streamlined online business.

Product / Customer Syncing



Data retrieval method

Stock2Shop will pull product data from Parcelninja at hourly intervals which can be set on a schedule.

Map product fields

Map the product fields in Parcelninja to product fields in Stock2Shop.




Add additional fulfillment items

If you need to add a promotional item to a fulfillment that is not included on the order, you can set this in Stock2Shop. When this feature is activated, every order being fulfilled will include this item.

Order delivery or collection

Determine if all your orders will be collected by the customer at Parcelninja or delivered by a courier.

Set default contact number

In order to raise a fulfillment in Parcelninja, a contact number is required. If the customer has not supplied a number, a default contact number can be specified.

Set Delivery Rules for your shipping methods

Map channel shipping methods to a Cheapest, Fastest or Collect from warehouse ParcelNinja Delivery Option.

Set delivery to the fastest or cheapest

If your shipping method has been set to delivery you can tell Parcelninja to quote all orders based on the fastest delivery or the cheapest delivery.

Use fastest quote option based on price limit

When a fulfillment is created you can set the fulfillment to be the fastest delivery option that is within a price limit.