Integrate Dolfin with supported online sales channels.

Product / Customer Syncing



Data retrieval method

Stock2Shop will pull product data from Dolfin at hourly intervals which can be set on a schedule.

Sync products from Dolfin

Using the product map, you can build up products from the information you have in Dolfin and sync them to Stock2Shop.




Checkpoint map

Define the checkpoint map to be posted after each order. This is used by Dolfin to carry out additional balancing if required.

Create orders in Dolfin

Allow Stock2Shop to create orders in Dolfin upon receiving them from your sales channel.

Daily trading summary

Let Stock2Shop send a transaction summary to Dolfin at the end of each day.

Dolfin customer code

Determine Dolfin customer account into which all orders should be raised. Generally this is set to a fixed (default) account.

Dolfin order map

Customise how the specifc order details are sent to Dolfin.

Set shipping code on orders

Let Stock2Shop link the shipping line item on your sales channel orders to a shipping line item on Dolfin.