Here’s all you need to know about customers on Stock2Shop.

In the below documentation we will be covering:

What are customers?

Stock2Shop stores information about each of your channel’s customers, such as their name, contact details, billing and shipping details. B2C and B2B customers differ in that B2C customers are derived from purchases placed your retail ecommerce channels, whereas B2B customers typically originate in you ERP / accounting system where wholesale accounts are manageed.

Customer types

Stock2Shop has two types of customers, namely:

  • B2B Trade customers
  • B2C customers

B2B customers

B2B wholesale customers are usually vetted by the company before doing business. They have typically been given an account with credit and payment terms, and are often assigned a specific price tier (or discount structure). When B2B customers are placing orders, they are raised as a sales document against the customer’s dedicated account in the ERP / accounting system. Stock2Shop can sync B2B customer information from supported ERP / accounting systems to your Stock2Shop console.

B2C customers

B2C customers are not known to you prior to purchase so there is no need for them to be vetted. Stock2Shop suggests that all orders from your B2C ecommerce sales channel be raised into one CASH account in your ERP / accounting system. This way you are able to track the sales in total from the retail channel, and not each specific customer.