Apifact Proxy CURL Error: 52, Empty reply from server

No connection to the ERP server


An order failed to create on the ERP / accounting system due the server being down or the Stock2Shop services being offline.


Attempt to retry the queue item after a brief period, as it may stem from a temporary loss of communication. If that fails, try the following:

  • Check if communication with server works using the following endpoint: https://[client_name].apifact.com:8000/
    • Log on to the client’s console under Settings > Manage Sources > 3 Dot menu on the source > Edit - Advanced > tunnel_host
    • Update client_name with the tunnel name
  • Check if the ERP server can communicate with the internet.
  • If this does not resolve the error, then the Apifact services would likely need to be restarted:
    • Go to Windows search and type in “services” (On the source server where our Apifact software is installed)
    • Click on the services icon
    • Find the two services named “Apifact Tunnel” and “Apifact Connector”
    • Restart both services
    • Confirm that the services are both running

Restart alternate connector:

  • If your Apifact Connector service is disabled then you are more than likely running the connector using a Windows script file. The instructions below will help you restart this connector.
    • In the bottom right corner of your screen find the “connector Stock2Shop” process and right click on it
    • Choose “Close” to exit the process
    • Find the “connectorStock2Shop” shortcut on your desktop and open it to start it again