Could not connect to host

Could not connect to Host to post orders


The tunnel or network between Stock2Shop and source (the ERP / accounting system) is down or is giving errors.


  • Check that the ERP / accounting system server can access the internet.
  • Check if services “Apifact Tunnel” and “Apifact Connector” are running on the server:
    • Go to Windows search and type in “services” (on the source server where our Apifact software is installed)
    • Click on the services icon
    • Find the two services named “Apifact Tunnel” and “Apifact Connector”
    • Restart both services
    • Confirm that the services are both running
  • Check any additional services that may need to be up an running.
  • Confirm that the firewall is not blocking Stock2Shop.
  • Retry the queue error.

If the issue is not resolved, please contact