Trying to get property of non-object

Trying to get property of non-object


An order is unable to process to Stock2Shop from Shopify because it contain(s) SKU code(s) either not on Stock2Shop or have incorrect product ID's

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This queue error occurs when an order is syncing from Shopify to S2S, when Shopify sends the order to S2S, it contains the SKU and product IDs

If you have no SKU codes listed in S2S because you changed the setup to only process orders then you can contact to do a copy all on your channel settings to remove old links.

If you have SKU codes in Stock2Shop and you have confirmed that the SKUs are not properly linked, follow the guide below to re-link the product accordingly:

  • On your Stock2Shop console, navigate to Products > View
  • Search the sku in the Stock2Shop console > Edit > Channel tab > Remove all (on specific Shopify channel) > Click Save on general and variant tab
  • If the SKU was removed from the website you can re-add the SKU to the website and relink it from S2S or if you do not manually create it on Shopify, then S2S will just create it for you with the current information in S2S
  • If there was a duplicate SKU on the website you can re-link the SKU following step 1
  • If there is a rule preventing the SKU from updating (Ie if you click save nothing goes through the queue) ask S2S support what your rule is or if you know then make sure the SKU abides by the rules

Once the above process has been followed successfully, proceed to the steps outlined below:

  • On your Stock2Shop console, navigate to Orders > View
  • Search for the order number found in the payload ( near the top of the payload labeled “name”:)
  • Click on the three dots of the order > click “View”
  • Click “Edit” near the top right of the order screen
  • Then click “Reset” near the bottom left of the order
  • Navigate back to the “Queue” > “View”
  • Click on the three dots of the order error > Click “Try Again”
  • The order should now process accordingly

Should you have already clicked “Try Again” before re-linking the product, navigate to your Shopify admin, then navigate to the order in question and make a small change to the address of the order i.e: change a capital letter to a small letter, this should trigger Shopify to send the order details again and the order will process accordingly.

Should anything be unclear, contact