Sync_order: Undefined variable - variant

Sync_order: Undefined variable - variant


The respective order contains a SKU that does not exist on Stock2Shop

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Once an order syncs from Woocommerce to Stock2Shop, Stock2Shop checks if the SKU exists on your Stock2Shop console. If the respective SKU does not exist it raises this error.

To find the SKU that is not in Stock2Shop kindly follow the steps below:

  • On your Stock2Shop console, navigate to the Orders tab
  • On the respective order that is failing > click on the three dots > View item
  • Press Ctrl + F to open the search > search “SKU” > jot down all the SKUs in the order payload
  • Navigate to the Products tab and search each SKU that was found on the order payload

Once you have found which SKU is not syncing to S2S, there would be a couple of ways to resolve the error, first confirm if the SKU should be syncing from your ERP/Accounting system

  • Mark the SKU as Active to sync using your S2S Active field in the ERP/Accounting System
  • Wait for the product to sync through to S2S and link to the channel
  • Navigate to the queue error and click “Try Again”

Should you want S2S to create the SKU from the order, contact to assist.