Undefined Property StdClass Increment Id

Magento: Undefined Property StdClass Increment Id


Stock2Shop is trying to sync an order from Magento with an external order number (passed on the increment ID field) that already exists in Stock2Shop.

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To confirm the issue:

  • In Stock2Shop, navigate to Queue > View.
  • 3 dots > View Item.
  • Search for and copy the “increment_id” value.
  • Navigate to Orders > View.
  • Search for the increment id, which in Stock2Shop is displayed as the “Channel Code”.
  • If increment_id is found, then tbe order number already exists in Stock2Shop.

Once the error is confirmed, it is likely that the order is a duplicate. Confirm order details against those found in Stock2Shop, and the order can be skipped if it is indeed a duplicate.

If you need to process the order and the same order number in Stock2Shop has different details, then please create the order manually in your ERP / accounting system and/or fulfillment service as our system won’t accept an order number that has already been allocated.