Field Map Transform Error

Magento 1.x: Field Map Transform Error


The issue relates to the attributes that contain special characters that have been added into the fields.

Applies to:



Special characters are used for computer programs and might break the program if used out of context. In general, all Stock2Shop fields should only contain alpha-numeric characters (letters from a-z and numbers 0-9) and basic punctuation. Avoid slashes and other characters.

  • Investigate which field could be causing the product to to break when Stock2Shop sends an update to Magento. This is could be in the GENERAL or ATTRIBUTES tabs.
  • If you are not sure, cut and paste the field to notepad and then change the field text to a test value.
  • Retry the queue error.
  • Repeat these steps if it fails.

Note, if you are copying text from other sources, you should always add it to a text editor to remove any styles that may have been copied.