Syntax error malformed JSON

WooCommerce: Syntax error malformed JSON


Failed to update a product or variant due to an incorrect response from the server.

Applies to:



Please follow the steps below to investigate and resolve the server issue:

  • Confirm that the API URL is still valid.
  • View the error logs to see the error when trying to update the variant and resolve.
  • Log on to the WooCommerce backend and confirm that the API keys are still in place.
  • If updates still don’t work, investigate if there have been any recent website updates, server changes, hosting changes or plugin updates, and revert the configuration back to when it was working.
  • Contact your WooCommerce hosting company to get server error logs at the time of the error.
  • Ask your hosting company support for assistance in resolving API issues.
  • Clear the Cloudflare cache and plugins.
  • Test requests using Postman.

Retry all queue errors once the API issues are resolved.