Undefined property

WooCommerce: Undefined Property


The product on WooCommerce has been configured incorrectly which means our system is not able to update the product.

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This directly relates to how a variable product is configured on WooCommerce. To read more about variable products on WooCommerce, click here.

When creating a variable product on WooCommerce, the item codes on your accounting system should reflect in the relevant SKU fields on the variations. The top level inventory tab should either contain a grouping (parent) code or remain blank.

If you have a product that is a single SKU but has multiple ustom options or add-ons (eg adding a number to a sports Jersey), this should be set up as a simple product (single variant). You should use a plugin to create custom options for that product, ensuring that there is no inventory assigned to the options.

The below links are examples of plugins to add custom options to a simple product:

The error can be resolved by correcting the SKUs on the product in WooCommerce as described above, and then having Stock2Shop relink to the product using the following steps:

  • Correct the SKUs on the product in WooCommerce.
  • Log in to the Stock2Shop console > Products > View and search for the relevant SKU.
  • Navigate to the CHANNELS tab of the product.
  • Click REMOVE ALL - this clears the current channel IDs of the product in order to link to the correct product/variation.
  • Navigate to the GENERAL tab > click Save.
  • Navigate to the VARIANTS tab > click Save for each variation.
  • Return to the queue error > Queue > View.
  • Skip the queue error.

Note, if there were already further updates in the queue for the product, they must be skipped until the “add” instruction is processed to relink the product. The “add” instruction is added to the back of the queue.