add_product: Variant was not updated, response from server was

add_product: Variant was not updated, response from server was


Stock2Shop is trying to add a product to Woocommerce but cannot

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This queue error is occurring because Stock2Shop is attempting to create a product on your Woocommerce and either there is no title on the product in Stock2Shop or your Workflow requires you to first create the product on Woocommerce before activating the product from the accounting system.

Kindly note that if you are unsure what your Workflow is, please contact via email or via the support widget.

The reason for this error is that Woocommerce does not allow a product to be created without a title.

To resolve this queue error:

  • Open the backend of your WooCommerce website
  • Create a product with SKU (Matching S2S) and add your web title (Make sure the product type of the product is correct i.e simple/variable and will not change)
  • Once step two is complete, click on the three dots of the queue error (As per steps 1 and 2 of the previous point) and click “Try Again”
  • If you have already skipped the “Missing parameter title” error then you will need to reset the product in Stock2Shop: Products > View > Search > 3 dots > Edit > Channels tab > Click Remove all on the channel that needs resetting > Click Save on General and Variants tab

Should the error persist, contact S2S Support via support widget or via email at